July 31, 2012

Hi Steve,

I read the article about Odumbo supposedly giving away 7 Alaskan islands to the Russians back in February. A high up inside source says the leak for those 7 islands are payment for the 350,000 Russian troops here that will disarm and kill Americans when the collapse comes! It includes their training, wages, guns, ammo, tanks, assault weapons and housing in underground bunkers. So in reality Odumbo, gave away our land as payment to kill most of us, while all our troops are overseas and wouldn't dare attack the American people! Back in February the deal was made just like the article says about the giving away of the 7 islands. So they say no money in the article was given because there wasn't no US dollars paid! Instead they made a deal for the slaughter of our blood and lives for the rich oil based islands, and will let their Russian troops do the dirty work! Besides, how could they afford to pay the Russian troops you ask to attack the American people? They can't! We are already 16 trillion in debt. In reality it is over 200 trillion! They don't want our soon to be useless dollars anyways. So payment was made with the oil rich 7 islands for the Russian troops. It all fits the puzzle and the mystery behind what the payoff was. You may post or do what you want with this information. Pass this along to everyone you know……..
Keep up your great Watchman work and God bless,



Don't know what else to say other than people better start waking up and paying attention to what is going on around us and over in the Middle East, all the civil violence will be coming here to our shores shortly to make way for a one world government.